Open Letter To The Us Government From An Awol Soldier

i know most of you here aren’t american, but you all know how much of assholes our government is… so here’s a very powerful letter i just found online, written by an AWOL soldier who is now against the military


After 9/11, most of the world was sympathetic for the US (of course, some weren’t), but that has been screwed up real good by the Bush administration by now.

In my opinion, the turning point was when Colin Powell gave his presentation for the UN council. For all it’s worth, he was the friendly face, “a man you can trust”, compared to Wolfowitz, Cheney or the rest of the hawks . So he was put forward to have this little powerpoint presentation, complete with imagery of truck-mounted chemical weapons.

If you saw it on TV as I did, can you remember him? I mean, I’m no big judge of character but it was pretty obvious that he was very uncomfortable delivering the message that we needed the war in Iraq even if we didn’t want to (and I say we, as Denmark is part of the “coalition of the willing”). Up until that point, I had held Colin Powell in pretty high esteem for being a voice of reason among extremists, and had my fingers crossed that he would at some point in his speech cast the script aside and tell the truth:

“I am sorry…Brothers and sisters, I cannot lie to you, the evidence is fabricated, no WMD exist, and we have no excuse to invade Iraq. Thankyou.”

The sad thing is, he didn’t say that.

I agree. Sad thing is most people here don’t even know who Paul Wolfowitz is , let alone his insane politics.

I’ve never in my life seen ALL THE PEOPLE around me (I live in a highly populated area) unite like they did the night of 911. And you know what? Nobody wanted revenge. We wanted to understand, we wanted justice and we wanted to show the victims that we really really totally gave a f**** and were absolutely horrified by what we saw of it.

The next day we wanted to bomb the Taliban. Thats cool. They totally deserved it. But of course soon after we fed that up and now we’re still fing there.

Im not even gonna get into Iraq. Or Iran. Just know that there are a hell of allot of pissed off people in this country because everything we grew up believing in just got fing tossed out the window by some spoiled-rich-white-extremely-simple-minded-f-head-christians f****ing obsessed with Arabs and tax evasion.


Our country is literally falling apart, rich ppl think they don’t have to pay for anything and our current moneys are worth less than last years.

Stuck in 2 wars.

3rd war is on the horizon.

We are so f****ed.

On a side note, currently:

1.00 USD = 0.939099 CAD


1.00 CAD = 1.06485 USD

Whatever you guys are doing wrong, north of the border is having a good laugh at your financial expense. I’m sure it will bounce back, but this is pretty ridiculous.

we love a weak dollar aswell. :P

The US made the Taliban what they are. Don’t forget that. They did fund, train and arm them.

Wow. Helpful.

It is when the american perspective, taught in schools and history books, is that the USA is the greatest nation on earth.

  • America is a country, not the greatest country. A pretty good one, but so are hundreds of others.
  • France, England, Spain, Germany, Japan, these were the imperialists of the past. Success or fail, good or bad, that era is over, and the USA is a few decades too late. Chill out please.
  • The most powerful Western-European kingdom was once Venice. It lost everything due to being geographically isolated, ignorant of all the social changes happening in and around the port cities. Also the floods. See Rome for further details.
  • It’s ok to be #2, or #48. Really guys, it’s ok.

Anyway, when the Canadian dollar is worth more than the American dollar… big things are brewing. I believe it’s a part of the unfolding of the “Amero” a.k.a the North American “Euro”. I wish America the best of luck, the people are alright in my book. I’m sure you’ll work it out in the long run.

And I want to add : my remark about the weak dollar does not mean that I like it as a fact or think “america deserves it” or anything, just that this normally means electronics/software etc. are cheap in europe at the moment. Bland Consumerism, so to speak.

Hold on to that thought,
Unity = strength
Knowledge = power
Freedom = choice

Some things never change

Nah, sorry, still no make sense. Bragging Americans are highly annoying yes, but sniggering Canadians trail right behind. Sorry.

Hum… Last time I checked it was “in full swing” rather than “over”…

+1, as random as the context may be :D

Excellent reminder.

And let me remind some other simple yet useful info:
Afghanistan produces nearly 95% of opium and drug used worldwide. (conquered by US)
Iraq has the third largest reserves of conventional oil in the world at 112 gigabarrels. (conquered by US)

Next target:
Iran has the world’s second largest reserves of conventional crude oil at 133 gigabarrels. Iran is the second largest oil holder globally with approximately 10% of the world’s oil. The land of Aryans also has the world’s second largest reserves of natural gas at 26,620 billion m³.

Iran tastes very delicious, but really tough. US knows this.

…and Denmark is the worlds largest producer of wind turbines (Vestas Wind Systems A/S)
Another reason to go green, you won’t be conquered by the US :lol:

Edit: actually, I think sustainable energy is a real solution - the (political) climate would improve, and the MIC would suffer

Facts like these are so damned scary it’s not even funny… The American government seriously scares the living shit out of me. We just let them dominate, we just stand idly by, protest with letters and words and diplomacy, while the big U.S. physically takes us all hard in the backside. I feel sorry for all you Americans getting blamed for the sins of your leaders.

We actually need a revolution of sorts. I really don’t think anything will happen until the American government is overthrown.

Then again, I could be wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

I’m not going to physically do anything, just like most of the rest of the world. If it weren’t for the fact that I have no power what so ever, I’d be worried about catching a car in my face tomorrow.

Ah well, it’s hard to be subtle when you want to take over the world.

Sorry about the drunken rant above.
For the record Im a white dood, and a longtime renounced christian.

but ya. the neocons are crazy. and i dont mean that lightly. Rudy Giuliani scares the shit out of me. Good thing he’s un-electable*. His campaign is a f****ing joke.

*all the republicans are un-electable.