Open Xrns File Problem


I have a huge problem.I made a song and saved a lot of times in the same file (only one save) and the time i was working on it the electricity went down.Now i try to open the file which is 35 mb and it says
‘File loading error.The file is not accessible’
Is it possible to open the file in any way so i can save my song ?

You could try copying the file, and trying to open that one.

Also, rename the file to

Then open it in Winrar

copy the info to a new location and then zip up the info again.

Once you have done that, rename the NEW file to filename.xrns and try to load that.

Hopefully this helps. If not, you might be able to get taktik to have a look for you (of course, that is up to him)

Though almost the same explanation as vadarfone’s tips;

This explanation might cause a mistake.
Song.xml and Sample Data forder must be put into the root directory in the archive.

if you use WinRAR, renaming the .xrns to .zip is not needed.

  1. First of all, make a buckup copy of your XRNS please.

  2. XRNS is a archive file. So you can take Song.xml and Sample Data from XRNS.
    WinRAR can open .xrns file directly.

  3. Save your Song.xml and Sample Data forder.

  4. Make a new empty XRNS file by Renoise.

  5. Open the empty XRNS file by WinRAR and exchange Song.xml to your Song.xml.
    And put your Sample Data folder into the same directory too.

  6. Try to load the new XRNS. If you cannot open it, try to load again without Sample Data folder.

For reference

I will try these methods and i will tell you the results

I have one question.How can i take the samples from the xrns file ? I can see only the xrns at the moment

Change the .xrns extension to .zip and just open with winzip or winrar.

The samples "should* be inside a subfolder called “Samples”.

If winzip or winrar does not recognise the archive, you might need to use zipfix or another archive repair tool.

With a little luck the song.xml can be extracted and you only got a few corrupted sample-files.

It says that the compressed file was terminated.I s this a problem ?

I make a check to the hole file and is says that the archive may be damaged ? i can not copy the samples or the xlm

could you share the corrupted songfile somewhere? Maybe someone here can take a look and help out?

Thanks a lot guys

I followed your instruction and i manage to save the sequence and half of the samples.I put the rest on and now my song is safe

Thanks very much !