Opening It V 2.14 Files

I want to repress my old vynils composed on IT 2.14 but remasterised in Renoise

When i open an old file, the enveloppes are totally changed and also the interpretation of some codes in pattern command…

Ok it’s not really important for the future of renoise but i would really like to be able to work again on my 800 impulse tracker’s files!!

or: Do you know one modern tracker who render perfectly impulse songs? i need to put compressors and reverbs !!

Impulse tracker in DosBox renders them perfectly.
That’s how i do it. - I don’t know if it renders IT perfect but it’s really nice.

yes dos renders it well but i would like to put nice reverbs on some chanels and recompress my kick…

Then you’re looking for openMPT.

ok i found the solution:

Fast tracker gives a good interpretation of impulse tracks and modplug also :) i can export instruments separatly etc it s ok
Open MPT… well i really don t know how to use it :D
cheers and thanks

thank you kaneel ;)