Option about hearing the note sound when it's inputted

Yesterday I got an opinion about the note-sound confirmation from a japanese user.
It may be a quite tiny thing but an important fundamental part, and I can agree to it too, so let me explain a bit here.

In current Renoise;

  • Pattern Follow is OFF
  • Edit mode is ON
  • Play button is ON

if in the case of such settings, we cannot hear the note-sound when it’s inputted (when we hit the keyboard).
Maybe it is to prevent unwanted sounding when we edit note data during a live playback.
But, when thinking about step editing mainly, I think that it is more comfortable to be able to hear each inputted note-sound during playback.
Actually, there are some sequencers which we can hear the inputted note-sound when the follow mode is OFF and playback is ON (for example, MPT, Psycle, ScreamTracker, even in Reason with pen tool).

So it’s nice if there is such an option;
when the follow mode is OFF and during playback, whether the inputted note-sound sounds or not.