Option If Vst/dsp Should Go Into Rendering Or Not

This is just an idea on top of my head, I’m not sure if others see the same gain with this idea that I do. Anyway. I often use som kind of eq to compensate for my room (making the bass very bumbly when running through my monitors). When I use my headphones I don’t use any eq to compensate and naturally I don’t wanna do this when rendering as well. I often forget this when I render my songs, so I often have to re-render a track when I notice that the eq was on.

This leads to my idea. What about a option (a little crossbox) on every dsp/vst-plugin (preferably on the top next to its other settings) which decides whether it should be functional when rendering or not? Preferably this should always be ON when adding new dsp/vst’s but then it would only be active when working inside Renoise and not when rendering samples or rendering tracks.

Didn’t get a lot of attention on this one, but it didn’t stop me doing a mockup. :)

The R-button in the top right corner will affect whether the VST-effect is included when rendering or not. Should probably be grayed out if the VST-effect is bypassed.

Any response? Yay? Nay?

Maybe this was a crappy idea. :(

The easiest way otherwise is to just disable the effect via the little checkbox in the upper left in the effect editor. Or to press Enter/Return with the desired effect highlighted in the mixer view.

When the effects are disabled they will be excluded from the rendering.

butka: Yeah, this I know, unfortunately this is something I often forget when rendering tracks (or often remember AFTER I’ve started rendering the track). :)

:) Ah I see

Well then there might be a problem worth a thought. I don´t see why a checkbox like your suggestion should be in the way.

-1 ;p