Option to download Rn 1.0, 1.1, ... please

I got a slow pc and upgrading to the latest version will see my music-making capabilities grind to a halt because of near-100% pc resources being used.
So my only option would then be to download a lower version.
Is this already available or will this be an option anytime soon?


To offer older versions would be a good idea for betatesting as well as we on the forum sometimes get the advice to try bugs on an older version. I guess everyone stocks up with a couple of older versions for these reasons…

Or you could perhaps have a feature to buy a lower registered version?

I’d like to buy 1.1 some day but not any higher, not with this dino of a pc.
For the time being, 1.1 has all the features I need, so why buy a slower version?
You could also give me a discount because it’s older software. :)

PS : is it possible to try the lastest version and uninstall it again without it affecting my 1.1 install? I didn’t uninstall 1.1 before installing my new OS, so I think there’s no registry entries that could mess up 1.1., or am I wrong?

Man: we’re not aiming to make each version more cpu-hungry :)
I believe next version will be better than 1.261 in this regard.

It’s only the .exe file that differs between the trial and registered versions of the same version number. Resource files may differ between different version numbers.

You can also keep multiple copies of Renoise in different folders (then you have to copy the resource files too to a different directory) without problems.

Ok I tried the latest version and my pc hasn’t exploded yet, so my plans of registering will get done a bit sooner.

Is there a detailed explanation of all the new features?
Detailed as in step-by-step.

new features are always found in readme file that is displayed right after the installation. only changes from last version are reviewed - to see all of them i guess you’ll have to install all of them. most people don’t care really about changes from 1.0 i guess

No, but I’d like to see some explanation concerning the use of the Send Effect tracks.
Is there something about this, somewhere?

only in the help-file that comes with renoise… <_<

Pasted to my desktop. :)