Option to separate mouse click cursor move and mouse click create sele


I’ve just started to play with renoise, and it seems fantastic! There’s one thing that’s bugging me, is it possible to separate the mouse click for cursor move and mouse click for create selection? These two functions seem to be double-bound. In fact cursor move is double-click but at that point you’ve already single clicked and started making a new selection. My suggestion is to create a selection with shift-click, cursor move with single click. But maybe the option is already there and I can’t find it yet… :)/>



Edit/Preferences/Gui/ tab, and toggle ‘Single Click To Set Cursor in edit mode’ ?

Hi Djeroek, thanks for your response

On testing this, now the cursor can be placed with single click, but ‘new selection’ is still bound to single click. When you place the cursor you also lose the old selection area you had (and a new selection is started). It would be nicer if these two functions could be separated since they’re not related