Orchestral Electronica

Hi there :)

today I had some free time to play with samples & created something I didn`t hear anywhere similar… orchestral electronica.

here’s demosong download link:

there is lots of job to be done, but what do you think about idea?


venetian snares has done a tad of orchestral stuff…this is a little less chaotic, but just as interesting. Great work. Where are the orchestral samples from?

WooooOOOW! I am excited to hear how this song turns out.

My one XXpersonalXX warning would be that four or five minutes of that would getting boring, but I am guessing that you’ll be exapanding on what we heard. Gangster’s Prayer take a lot of winding turns that really held my interest, so I am sure I won’t get bored when I hear the final version of this song.

I really like :50-1:00. That’s gets me going.

Oooo… I just heard it again. The pizzacato strings (am I saying that right) don’t sound right to me as compared to everything else. I think they’re cut off, or they’re in front of everything else. I am sorry I lack the vocabulary to be more specific.

Good luck

…or my fav - AmonTobin :) Orch samples [or voices sfx] you can find on Magesy.ru [Great Russian Brothers] :)

Interesting track, I liked the idea in general and the synths pinching in about 1:01 and later on.

I’d be a bit easier on that limiter, tho… ;)

Nice, what exactly did you use here, and where are the samples from?

Indeed, very nice! Great vibe you got going here

It’s just… too bad that it’s always sample-based…
or rather, why don’t you write your own melodies ;)

that goes for venetian snares and that amen orchestra too
I don’t know about amon tobin, actually am not that familiar with his music.
on what album can I find his orchestral mashups?

i believe amon tobin has some good stuff in his splinter cell soundtrack…though I cant 100% recall as I didnt listen to it; only played the game (some wicked tracks therein though, it must be noted!)

From what I do recall, it sounded like electronic orchestra; ie, his own melodies.

WOW! This track really Rocks!

I really like this I´d give it 9.99 out of ten if you can finish it.

Listening to it over and over :)

Hehe, using my track as some kind of reference DDtMM… I’m so flattered! :slight_smile:

As for DJNicks effort, I think this is pretty ingenious. I’ve also had ideas about using snippets of some good orchestral ‘twiddles’ & plucks if you catch my drift. This is done really well though, and using so many different clips must make it hard for it all to fit together well. Keep up the hard work, I think you’re onto a winner :walkman: