Order of midi devices

Hi guys,

I recently bought a new keyboard and a pad to be able do more stuff in live… but I encounter a problem with the order of my midi devices.

My devices will switch number randomly when I start my computer.

For example, I have saved a track with a drum kit on the pads (usb device 1), a cello on the first keyboard (usb device 2)and a piano on the second one(usb device 3).

So I launch Renoise, I load my track and then … the drum kit is on a keyboard, the cello on the pads and the piano on the wrong keyboard.

All this because I can’t control which device is the “USB device X”, Renoise decide this by himself.

I tried plugging them in different port, pluggingthem one by one in different order, … nothing works, once I plug my last keyboard (which is supposed to take the “USB device 3” place) it takes the place of another controller (like “USB device 2” which become “USB device 3”).

I hope I made myself clear. I have searched in the forum but didn’t find anything about this.

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer if you know the answer :slight_smile:

For anyone having the same problem :

It seems like starting your computer with all of your devices plugged in always gives you the same result.

I still don’t know how to change a device from “USB device 1” to “USB device 3” but at least you can have persistent device identification.

Still looking to know if there’s a way to do it or not so if you know I’m interested!

Thank you.