Organizing Ideas & Suggestions: Feature Design Forum

yes i have to admit patience isent my strong side,i dont doubt that taktik and the team have done/does/and will do a really great job in just soo excited i wish i had started using trackers 5 years ago

sorry again for me being pushy

will go make music now :D

to start with, i am very much into the idea of doing whatever possible to make this topic more grainular… taktik, I see your original breakdown suggestion as a logical place to start. anything to help make what comes into this thread less impossible to keep up with, the better!
How could anyone disagree with that!!?

to end with… just the sentiment behind what i’m quoting above… i could not be more happy after just purchasing the software that the dev team actually reads this thread, processes it and on top of it thinks of ways to make it better to the extent that is expressed through what is said above. SO glad to be on board and that hasn’t always been the case after buying software and “meeting” the dev team on the suggestion boards.

We should have a forum for forum suggestions.

Feature Design is dead. Long lives Ideas & Suggestions.

I’ve just removed the Feature Design sub forum, pinned some of the concepts from there here. The sub forum was very easily overseen, the rules on how to contribute where not clear, so lets use the Ideas & Suggestion forum for everything again. Was maybe not a bad idea, but didn’t worked at the end…