Orinoco Cholo

This is my latest remix effort combining Enya’s “Orinoco Flow” with Cypress Hill’s “Throw Your Hands in the Air” Its definitely a hip hop/rap track but I couldn’t resist the urge to mash up the break a bit to give it a little more interest near the end. Feedback is always appreciated, and thanks for listening.

hey man , nice effort! it would be awesome if u could also use the melody part of the enya track which is around 0:35 (the original track)

Cool. Yeah, actually that part of the song is in my remix starting at 1:41. Thanks for the feedback.

so my tip is kinda useless :) , anyway nice idea

the orinoco background have way to much hall / reverb so that cypress hill sounds very foreign/strange to that background.
less the hall from orinoco, give cypress more presence with EQ, little reverb and stereo.
the drummpart needs widening room.
currently the presence is:
1: orinoco
2: … nothing
3: drumm
4: cypress

it must be turned to:
1: cypress
2: drumm
3: nothing
4: orinoco

The Orinoco part actually has no effect, hall reverb or otherwise applied to it, but the original sample from the song is very reverberated. I dont think there is much I can do to take away reverberation present in original sample is there? The vocals also already have a slight touch of mpreverb. Do you think they need more? Can you explain what you mean by presence? Are you taking about volume or more spatial? Or does this term have to do with the amount of frequency range the sound is occupying? Thanks for listening and for the feedback and suggestions.

Not useless…reaffirming. :)

try to convert them to a mono signal :confused: try to filter out high frequencies

the frequence spectrum, from 3khz and above, just use a EQ and experiment a little bit :)