Orion dlls

hello all,
I ve seen that Orion has GREAT distortion ( both the tube distortion and the 2-drive) . i wonder if there is a way to import orion 's DLL into rns.

( i tred to simply copy them from my friend computer into a diskette and back into mine… but they doens’t work :slight_smile:


ps i also wonder if there is some cool distortion vst around ( freeware maybe :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about Orion, but it’s this simple:
If it’s a VST plugin, all you need is the dll file and any eventual other files the dll needs. Consult the Orion manual. But my guess is that it’s an Orion-native plugin, and in that case it’s not possible.

IIRC i grabed only 2 vst plugins from Orion, High and Low freq stimulator or something, low freq gives weird click on high input volume… other plugins seems to be internal…

if you want a nice freeware distortion, try Cyanide. It’s freely downloadable from Bram / Smartelectron:x


(ok, so it’s really more of a waveshaper… but it’s cool anyhow!)

Holy shit. Those are some of the maddest VSTs I have found on a single page!!!

freeware… :wub:

yeah, those dudes made some real crazy shit … :)

i recommend blood overdrive, one of the phattest distortions i ever heard (well, taking freeware into the ranking only maybe)

since its VERY hard to find a working download-link, hurry up and grab it here before its gone :


Thank you all,
i already got big tick distortion ( which is great, but a bit buggy), i m gonna look for the other now.
thank you very much.


ok so i made a great wave shaper plug too, while we’re at it. it’s called fer and it fs up your sound at [http://okee.gewis.nl/~skrebbel/f****erpack.zip](http://okee.gewis.nl/~skrebbel/f **** erpack.zip) and it even contains a renoise demotune!