Orthodox Religous Music

Can anyone point me in the direction of some religous chants,music e.t.c. sort of looking for the same kind of music used in stanley kubriks famous scene from the film eyes wide shut.Solo voice would be amazing,also some dead can dance type stuff would be cool too,i just want to use some stuff for an eerie background ambience.anyone???cheers!


Right way round

My recomendation:

search for “tracks” for your self, i`ve got a cd witch was addition to the book about her ( in my country). I like womens chants more then gregorians stuff - angels are more female to me :)

p.s - don`t expect 4/4 stuff, if you think about adding this to your music prepare for heavy editing (reaper is great for this)


thanks man!!!no bother,i never use 4/4 anyways,just got addicted to quirky time sigs and now i cant go back.cheers!

no prob

Hildegarde von bingen is a middle age autechre :)

I remember when this album came out It was really big at the time in america. I borrowed my moms and the whole entire cd is sample worthy-just voices only singing.

Anything by Arvo Part just floors me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arvo_Pärt

He has a wide variety of choral works with a definite religious theme. De Profundis and Beatus spring to mind as favourites.

it’s not quite orthodox, or religious in the strict sense of the word, but you could check out some buddhist monks too. i just used to do a search on that and find some really cool stuff. it gives you great deep bass-rumbles and loads of texture.

edit: btw: cool thread!

I think the genre is “Gregorian Chants”.

Yep - leastwise that is how I understand it.

it was on top of records selling here in france in 2010, I can buy you a copy if you want :)
it’s produced by our first television channel, wich makes it feel kinda propaganda in these xenophobic times.

Maybe search for “Qntal” – Their albums “I” and “II” are somewhat aged now but still beautiful IMHO. :walkman:

PS. Where is that “retired goth” emoticon when you need it? ;)