Orthostatic Hypotension. Reflex Syncope. Tinnitus. - A 7 Day RPM Challenge Oddessay by Daemonendays



i fully believe in an economy based on three dollar bills and thirty three cents, it’s the only way

in this presentation i’ll demonstrate how renoise can be used for agile development in a scrum asd 3.33% organic coffee blend dissociative framework environment


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hey guys, my name is [lmao] but you can call me daemonendays

i’ve been clean of renoise for the last couple years but recently relapsed and the hex code got the best of me

i’ve scraped the bottom of the well and this is all I’ve got left:

i’ve come to the realization that renoise wasn’t the problem and maybe i’m just depresh but with the help of a little shigeto mantra and (surprisingly, a lot of self confidence in hacking my way about with) a few fl studio mobile loops: this came around in 7 days, much like a ringu curse

this project was the culmination of weeks of persistent (and still on going0) insomnia and basically just collapsing under the pressures of everyday life - but i mean this in the most good, meaningful and spiritful way - it sure felt great tracking while in bed and just drinking coffee 3am because i can lol

i wait for the day we can all be like ghost in the shell and code music vertically like the virtual gods we are inside the app, until then i’ll keep checking that cheat sheet and ungracefully reaching for the mouse from time to time, as i dream of the og matrix ost cd that got “lost” somewhere around 2003

may the work of others warm your heart and fill your hands with desire to track some music, other than that i’m just like that dog at the control station who doesn’t know what it’s doing but keeps going at it barking out loud with keystrokes in all caps

please be kind, i haven’t slept in days or nights, whatever

also shout out to hunz

ps.: so it appears that monday is indeed the new monday and thursday is a day to be thirsty just before friday, which is another day for soylent green other than tuesday, precisely the day that comes after monday - and april 16th 2019 is definitively on a tuesday, so happy soylent green day in advance y’all