Os X Midi / Gerneral Beginner Tips

well, you guys know my VST works (chip32 rules)…

so 2 questions now.

A: how can i use MIDI in renoise? my ibook obviously has no in. the only thing i can choose is “IAC driver (IAC bus 1)”. cant i use quicktimes midi synth somehow? i can play midi…

B: tips for newb composistion. yeah this is broad, but im really at a loss. any good drum VST’s? id like to start with making some basic beatwork.

so for example… if making a beat, do i put the bass kick on track 1, then hi hats on track 2, ect…?

thanks guys.

ok, MOD ARCHIVE rules!

i have tons of samples now, which are prolly better than midi.

ok, tips for lying down a basic beat. house most likely cause of its 4/4 structure. easy.

ill eventually get into tweaking it, i just need some tips for creating beats. the bpm/speed thing confused me. if i want a 120 beat. and to play at 120bpm… should speed be at 3? it seems like thats accurate. i was confused when i put it at 120, and it played it like a billion bpm. also im thinking it has a lot to do with the numbers too. i have the highlight at every 8 lines. so is 16 lines really a “measure”?

also… when i make a beat, how do you guys structure it? i have 1 track open. im using to for the bass drum kick. i seriously have the easiest beat, a C-4 every 8 lines. yeah it loops… so how would i start adding instruments? add tracks?

and then you guys are gonna have to tell me about the seuencer. i get lost about all that… ive never created music in steps. always been samples, and “live”.


You can put it all in one track using many note columns, but I’d recommend using one track for each sample. This way you can easily add different effects, EQ etc to each sample at a later stage.

the iac driver in osx is lots of fun. i spent a week building logic systems in puredata/maxmsp and had it firing off note trigger instructions to renoise. and i could use the interface with pd to play renoise instruments with my bass guitar.