Os X: Reaktor 5 Vst Dialog Weirdness

Hi everyone, I’ve noticed that within OS X (10.6.2) while using Reaktor5(VST version) there seem to be Dialog window problems when closing/opening synths/whatever.

Here’s an example. Let’s say we have Synth1.ENS and then Synth2.ENS.

What happens is I will load Renoise, Reaktor5 as a VST instrument, load up Synth1.ENS. put my notes into Renoise, hit play, it sounds fine. If I change the synth parameters within Synth1.ENS in Reaktor, and then try to load up (for the sake of our example) Synth2.ENS a dialog window pops up asking me if I want to save my changes to the ensembles (Synth1.ENS) or cancel, however the mouse buttons don’t seem to correlate with anything, no matter which option I try “Save” “Cancel” or the third which I cannot recall right now, nothing happens, it also seems to take over control from Renoise so until that dialog box is off the screen Renoise is rendered unresponsive. The only way I have found to bypass this is to force quit Renoise.

I haven’t noticed this behavior in any other plugins yet.

Any suggestions?

I have the same issue on OSX and Renoise 2.5 onl if renoise is set to full screen (alt+enter).
When it becomes unresponsive, press alt+enter again and it should behave normally again.
So far it happened with Drumaxx and Minispillage

There indeed happens strange stuff with Reaktor GUIs - sometimes, but I have so far only seen this on very old OSX versions (10.4.0).

Also Alt tab’ing from Renoise to Renoise seems to always fix this. Probably this helps you as workaround when getting such dialogs “frozen” in future. I don’t think we can quickly fix something here, but I will do some more tests and contact Native Instruments to get more info and help.