[osc 73] keith303 - entry level teleportation device

some unz unz unz made with 19 instances of Synthmaster 2.6


Nice hypnotic atmospheres inside. Good luck.

I like where it is in minutes 5 through 6. It keeps the beat going, but it gets a little more relaxed and easier to settle in and listen.

well, there intentionally is very little melodic content, which makes it barely accessible for a non-genre listener.
anyways, thanks for you feedback guys.

Nice clubby soft techno track. Feels a live session in a club.

Badass track. Sounds perfect to me! And bonus points for one-synth thing :yeah:

It is undoubtedly very great! :walkman:

Particularly striking atmosphere and plunges since 3:46! Great job.

Thanks for link! :drummer:

Thanks for your input fellas ! 5170.gif

goodjob mate, from start to finish you had my attention

Great banger here, quality as usual. :slight_smile: