OSC for dummies

I am a self proclaimed n00b and I love it. Let me explain. Noobs feel so good learning and it’s that that I seek to never stop. Learning. There’s always more to know so I learn.

Carding, bots, coding… I know it. Infact I sat in the local uni. Computer science class after being invited by a prof. After I had enough I said ‘dude this is shit’ insulting his salary and afraid others might catch on he scoped the room to find it empty and said to me… ‘The jigs up eh, so what makes you stay then I tour so special’ I replied ‘me? Just a noob but I thought I could show that I deserve admin for my own purposes’

‘Keep the mentality son’ then handed admin logins over.

This is my justification for ‘forever noob and proud’

So learning code in less than 1 month yet OSC… UGH!

I’m not bragging. Infact I hope you take inspiration from this. COMPtia is gunna get its ass kicked and handed on a platter easy because this shits got swag.

But no matter how hard OSC never works!

Can we have a write up of a step by step how to because the manual lacks. I know Bluetooth is king shit now but OSC is potential to experiment where I haven’t.

Plus how am I to speak on this shit at hackerspace and not know OSC… Bitter feelings when you can trixbox and server base a portable cell range network but OSC is your issue.


Anyway this will help A LOT of others. Thanks!

If your goal is to get a better understanding of OSC, I wrote a short book about it.


You can buy the nicely formatted version (PDF, mobi, and epub bundle) or read it on the Web (though the book version is more polished and more up-to-date).

niNja_pWn3d > I’m speechless and in maad hysterics, your rhetoric is a combination gangsta plus leet hacker speak whilst broken and nonsensical engrish.com. I guess I don’t know how much of what you say is spin or true for that matter but its sounds like a wicked tale and u got confidence kid!

Keep ups you n00bs