OSC, playback position


Is there a way to send a float to renoise that “scrubs” the playback position?

What I’m envisioning is that whole numbers (ie: 1,2,3,4,5…) would take you to the start of a pattern in sequence, and then decimal values (.00001 - .999999) would scale to take you to the nearest row in the pattern.

Is this possible?

I’m asking here, in case it already exists, but i guess I’d like this moved to ideas&suggestions if it isn’t.


My OscJumper tool might have something you can steal

I wrote it so that I culd send OSC to jump around among patterns, with options for setting the pattern loop points. You’d have to look at thow to control what line in a pattern you move to. I was mainly concerned with jumping to the another pattern ut keeping the same relative line so that the beat would stay constant.

This topic interest me since I have this idea to sync blender(pyOSC)timeline with renoise using osc.

florian, Please post any discoveries.