OSX 10.5: Beta Nag Window Hidden Behind Splash

the splash screen is all that appears saying “loading preferences”.
I can press enter on the keyboard to continue loading renoise.

note: os x 10.5.6

Now that you mention it… a secret ini setting to turn off the beta nag screen would rock… after a few years it gets a bit old ;)

Its hidden as long as Renoise has no focus - OSX does this automatically. Clicking on the splash should bring it to front, or does this not work for you?

no it doesn’t show up when i click.

Even not when clicking on the Renoise Icon?
Does it always start hidden for you, or only if you move the focus to some other application while launching Renoise?

This doesn’t happen here on 10.5.6, so do you probablby have some OSX theme tools like ShapeShifter installed? Or some other Finder ninja hacking tools/extensions?

I’m not sure, i’ll try later.

I have no theme tools installed or any fancy stuff.

hHas anyone else on OSX the same problem?

  • Start Renoise
  • !While its starting! click on a another application - bring another application to front
  • Now wait a bit till the Beta reminder dialog pops up

-> As long as Renoise is in the background, the dialog will be hidden. But as soon as you click on the Renoise Icon or splash, it should come to front.

For Synflom it doesn’t come to the front (stays invisible) and can only be removed by hitting the escape key.

Synflom: Thats correct, isn’t it?

i just booted the macbook and it seems to work normally again.
if renoise loses focus the nag hides but when i click on the splash/renoise dock icon it appears and i can click OK to continue.
I don’t know what happened :confused:

OSX 10.3.9 no problem

Thanks for the feedback.

Lets see if someone else also gets this problem. If not, let’s simply forget about this…