OSX: Changing Sample Rate With Motu 24i/o

Mac OSX 10.4.11
Motu 24i/o interface.

When I change the sample rate in renoise, sometimes it doesn’t set at all, sometimes what renoise shows and what the interface are actually running at are different.

Running at 88.2 seems to cause the actual tempo and pitches of notes (samples) to halve and go wonky.


This is most likely a driver problem, so I can only offer you some general tips regarding this:

If you are using the Motu for the system sound output as well (see AudioMIDISetup.app), make sure Renoise and all other applications are using the same rate than the one you’ve set up there. The Driver might not support running at different rates in multiple “clients”.

Try to disable / avoid applications / tools which “hijack” the drivers - Recording tools or “EQ” tools / addons for OSX.

Try to reinitialize the Audio Driver several times when they seem to run at a wrong rate. You can do so in the Renoise preferences.

Take a look at the drivers “control panel” - if there is something like that and unlock the samplerate if its locked.

Please also have a look at the Motu support pages.