Osx: Cmd-Tab Back2Renoise Loses Key-Repeat Rate (Goes To 0)

hi. Scripting Terminal & Editor and Renoise Pattern Editor still are capable of losing keyboard repeat completely when cmd-tabbing in-between programs.

expected behaviour:
when cmd-tabbing back to renoise, repeat rate is kept at the amount that it was in renoise.

current behaviour:
in freak cases, incessant cmd-tabbing, going from browser, terminal back to renoise, or maybe from browser-terminal-browser-terminal-mail-renoisescripting editor, the repeat rate is switched to 0.
cmd-tabbing away from renoise and back to renoise will switch the repeat-rate back to what it was supposed to be.

so in essence the claim that 2.7.2 fixed this osx repeat rate issue has been fixed is false :)

(from a previous thread which i deleted)
2) When cmd-tabbing in-between similar things (and maybe a browser or the terminal), and coming back to Renoise, there is a 50/50 chance that the returning to the scripting terminal&editor will have keyboard repeat toggled off. cmd-tabbing away from renoise and back again to renoise will return you back to the keyboard repeat toggled on - so you can zoom around again instead of going at a snail’s pace. this occurs both in the scripting terminal/editor and the pattern editor.