OSX: Crash with Image-Line's Drumaxx VST

Hello. I’ve been using Renoise 3.0 and Gforce Oddity2 without incident for a while now.

Recently downloaded Renoise 3.1 and purchased Image-Line’s Drumaxx at around the same time. Now, with an open xrns with Drumaxx as a plugin, everytime I open another xrns with Drumaxx in it I get a crash due to unhandled thread exception: gui. I’ve tried different combinations of the plugin options (consistent sample rate, ignore multicpu) with no fix.

Renoise is working perfectly in every other regard - the only issue is opening a different document, whether through using the Renoise file browser or through mac pull-down menu.

As I only need the AU version I’ve gotten rid of the Drumaxx vst based on another thread that suggested (for a similar problem) they might be problematic. Using a mid-2009 macbook 2.66 intel core 2 duo and os 10.10.5. I would post a log file but don’t know where they’re saved or how to generate one.

Aside from deleting Drumaxx, anyone have any suggestions? Or what other information is needed to diagnose or help?

Renoise is the shit. Using it for a decade, this is my first problem post. Whatup, renoise, you workhorse beast.