OSX El Capitan 64bit: Audio stutters/lags @ 50-60 cpu load

Sorry, if I sounded reproachful. Renoise is my favorite DAW. I just thought, maybe you looked at the wrong places for bug fixing. I am quite happy with Renoise like it is. Maybe it’s because if you already have so many nice features, that the wish to have it “perfect” is even more big.

We’ll look into this. If the 32 bit version of Renoise works better on your setup, then please use this one for nowinstead. Or try working with lower sample rates and render at higher ones only.

As mentioned previously, this is topic very complex, depends on many many things, so there quite likely will not be a “fix” for this, but it’s more about about making things a bit worse or better.

Btw: You both (RANSOM and FFX) sound a bitreproachful lately. We never have ignored such issues in the past, but always have been interested in getting such things fixed - if somehow possible. So where does this attitude come from?

If you are unhappy with Renoise in general, I won’t be able to fix that. Use it for what it can do and don’t wait for it to become what you hope it could be.

Really no reproach here, just try to understand my frustration here please - i really happy with R, it helps to pay some of my bills, if there wasnt R i would be struggling with Live approach or Logic or something like traditional DAW. So when you upgrade, spend the $$$ and you think now it’s time to go full x64 suddenly u realise u cant with your favourite tool. At the end i was very happy with what 3.1 brought and i’ve managed to build a workflow which gives me no headache no more (previously it was lack of some features like audio routing, detachable mixer, this and that, etc) and then boom - i cant use x64 build in full force.


here is some other try outs with gui scenario i did right now, may be this will helps a little.

  1. usually i work with this screen scenario switching between editor and mixer, while matrix is still open -stutts & crackles

6540 1.png

  1. gui minimised - nostutts & crackles

6541 2.png

  1. now sampler view with active sample playing - stutts & crackles

6542 3.png

  1. and now i switch to plugin view which have no plugin loaded - nostutts & crackles

6543 4.png

@taktik any updates on subject please?

taktik is away for a little while, but will return later next week.