OSX: External Drive And Gui Delays

Thought my mac needed reinstalling but it seems i can reproduce this bug. I normally load and save all of my xrns’s to a usb external hard drive. Loading a song and playing it is fine until i focus on another app. Renoise will happily continue playing the song but when i focus back to renoise, the gui freezes for 5 - 10 seconds. The song is still playing in the background without any crackles and the mouse pointer turns in to a spining wheel until the gui starts moving again. I just tested this with 1.9.1 and it seems to be doing the same thing. Also noticed, the bigger the song file, the longer the pause. By the way, all is fine when working with files from the local drive. I guess for now ill just work with the current song from the desktop. Is it a renoise bug or a mac thing? All other apps dont seem to have this problem when using files from the external drive.



when renoise regains focus, it rescans the drive. this was the behaviour anyway, and if for example the usb device isn’t very fast (or if mac in some way “reconects” it) it will slow the gui down a bit, this is what i suspect anyway

I am reformatting it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as i noticed it was FAT32, may help although OSX does fully support FAT32… never know it might sort it out… the only thing is, i wont be able to use it with a windows pc, no loss there :)

It Worked!! I reformatted my external to a native mac os format and the delays have all gone :)