OSX: Gui slowdown in B8?

On the same song with the same settings B7 had some framerate about 30-60 fps here. Now in B8 the framerate dropped to something like 20fps!

I can see the accordion elements stutter while animation in the sample editor. Something went worse here.

Why this is moved to suggestions? It’s introduced with b9, so it looks like a bug,

are u on 64bit?

Yes, 64bit, OSX.

Are you really sure that something changed here in !B8!? We did not change anything related I can think of. Or has anything changed in your system in the meanwhile?

Would be great if you could double-check this with the old B7 builds. They are still on the backstage. To download them, log into http://backstage.renoise.com first, then click on this link here: https://backstage.renoise.com/app/userArea/releases/BetaReleases/Archive

Also, you seem to use a lot of bridged plugins in your projects. If that’s the case then using 64 builds does not do anything good. The plugin bridge is a workaround, not only in Renoise, and WILL cause extra overhead in various places. Stick with the 32bit Renoise version then instead.

Or is there any other reason why you badly need to run Renoise at 64bit?

I can some kind of confirm, that x64 builds have gui slowdowns (changing fps settings wont help), mostly happens when spectrum and sequencer tabs/windows opened/appears. In x86 builds all is fine.

Just trying to help the devs with some crappy stats.

Mac OSX 10.9.2
MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2009, 4GB RAM)

Tutorial - Sound Design & Meta Devices.

Spectrum block size: 16384 (not too much difference using lower values)
Follow player position option ON.

Using the ‘top’ command to spy the renoise process, seems like the
difference between the 32 and 64 bits version using or not the spectrum is
about 10%.

More info:

beta-8 32 bits

Spectrum Open 16 %
Spectrum Closed 9 %

Spectrum Open 50 %
Spectrum Closed 32 %

beta-8 64 bits

Spectrum Open 21 %
Spectrum Closed 9 %

Spectrum Open 58 %
Spectrum Closed 43 %

( the follow player position option adds about +20% cpu )

Also there is a Mavericks 10.9.3 update is coming with updated gfx drivers, so this probably can help us somehow too.

Ok I will try soon with further comparison. BUt I double checked this immediately after b8 release… I think gfx drivers will not change anything because Renoise on OSX does not use any advanced hardware functionality at all, since Renoise works the same on software-only graphics OSX.