Osx: How To Get Cmd-Shift-Q Available For Transpose-Up-By-Octave?

hi, i’m a bit lost on this one. i’ve mapped cmd-q to be transpose block selection up, cmd-a to be transpose block selection down. shift-cmd-a shifts block selection down by one octave, but i’m yet to figure out a method where osx allows me to use cmd-shift-q for block-selection-up-by-octave.

any suggestions?

Ok, the solution is this:

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts.
Press the + and go.

Now wait a while for it to update itself. (Decided to also set cmd-shift-, to be the sysprefs and it’s working lovely but that’s nothing to do with Renoise.

P.S. the shortcuts are different since I first made the change you see in #3, and then decided to make a quick screenshot on how to do it.