(Osx) How To Spawn Terminal From Disk Browser?

hi, how would i be able to add “open terminal/finder in this folder” to the right-mouse button context menu of the Disk Browser?

While useful, I was referring to the DiskBrowser of Renoise. Not Finder.

How about ctrl click in renoises disk browser, click> “reveal in finder” (or cmd+f with disk browser)
then simply drag the folder from finder into your terminal window??? obviously you’d need a “cd” command first… but depends on what it is you want to do…

A script’s gotta be made.

Edit: OK i haven’t had much luck trying to make it.
Doesn’t look like you can get Renoise to tell you the path the disk browser is currently in.

At least you can currently open in explorer/finder and go from there.

Yeah, I was wondering if there’s a way to actually call bash scripting via lua from within the disk browser. Would be… well, weird! :) but could be useful.