Osx:how To Stop Ext.editors Being Hidden When Cmd-Tab Away From Renois

Hi. I’ve recently bought NI:Battery 3, and was just wondering - how to disable this “When Renoise is not active, hide all ext.editors for plugins and efx” feature of Renoise, please?
(one can drag wavefiles to Battery3’s interface, but when one clicks on Finder, the Battery3 interface gets hidden, so one has to first select files, then cmd-tab to Renoise, and drag them into the Battery3 interface.

As far as I can tell you can’t; I suspect it’s OS X actually doing the hiding due to the window class used to display the external editors. (The Renoise UI needs a complete rethink; I’d like to see decent multi-monitor support, the ability to “tear off” panels, allowing the display of mixer, sample editor, pattern editor, etc., at the same time, etc. Working like an old-school tracker is great; looking like one is not!)