Osx: Native Instruments Vst Plug-Ins Doesn't Work

Greetings fellow Renoise users! I’ve got a problem with Native Instruments plug-ins that Native Instruments’ support themselves aren’t able to help me with, so hopefully someone here will be able to help me.

So what’s the issue I’m having with NI plug-ins? I can’t get any sound out of them (Namely the free Reaktor player plug-ins). Yet they still show CPU-activity.
I also bought their Massive plug-in which isn’t even showing up in my plug-ins list in Renoise. I installed Massive with the NI Support Center and both plug-ins run perfectly fine in stand-alone mode. It’s also worth noting that I’m on a Mac.

I’ve tried fixing this solution myself. Namely changing the plug-ins directories and re-installing the plug-ins. Obviously, neither of said attempts worked.

I also know that it’s got nothing to do with the privileges and booting my computer in 64-bit does not fix the solution either.

NI-center suggested I tried changing the privileges to “Read & Write” on the .vst and .component files which didn’t work. They also suggested booting my computer in 64bit mode which also didn’t work.

I still haven’t tested using the plug-ins in any other DAW’s which I’m going to try now.

you might need to delete the vst cache xml file for Renoise.

^ This post may help.

Okay just realized you’re on a mac…So I’m not sure where those files would be located, but I still think this might fix your problem.

How did you installed your plugins and where did you installed them?
Did you also tried to check the “Scan previously failed plugs” checkbox in the Plug/Misc section of the preferences?

Regarding the no audio:to which output (Inside the plugin) is the sound directed and did you selected a preset inside the Reaktor player plugin?

What type of plugins do you speak of, AU or VST? (Best is to install the VST plugins if you can, AU only if you have no VST option)

I too have a problem similar to this, when I installed massive I installed the VST plugin, and Renoise will not use it.
It will find some other NI synths I have, but not massive (where they’re under the same file directory).
Any help would be wonderful.
I’m also running on a mac as well.