(Osx) Renoise Not Recognizing C-Media Usb Audio Device

hi… was working on a track with renoise 2.6b5, and plugged in a C-Media USB Audio Device (usb xlr-cable plugged into a xlr microphone)… OSX’s Midi/Audio Settings recognized it, but Renoise didn’t. Is this a known issue, should i just throw away the cable, or will Renoise some day support this stuff?

Hopefully yours, Esa

If OSX recognized device, it should be available in renoise also. Check settings (preferences-audio) in renoise.

i have checked preferences-audio. i checked it before posting the original post.
i just KNEW i should’ve linked an image. so here we go.

and before you suggest “restarting renoise”, i did that before i took the screenshots.

What is this? I don’t recognize this screen. Can you instead go to:

Apple -> System Preferences -> Sound -> Output

Does the device show up there? If that’s what you did, what version of OSX are you using that it displays like your screenshot? Doesn’t look standard.

standard Audio Midi Setup -app. showing Audio Devices.
Consult your /Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup.app for further information.

Apple->System Prefs->Sound->Output is the simpleton version of this.

Leopard, SnowLeopard all have this, probably others.

and here’s the version you asked:

yes, of course it is recognized by OSX. yes, of course there are two ways of showing this, the Audio Midi Setup, or the SystemPrefs->Sound->Input
yes, the same usb-cable also shows as sound->output but why would i want to use a microphone as a sound output, when the cable is designed to be a usb-cable for plugging XLR microphones into it.

Wow, well that is bizarre.

Seems like a bug to me. Core developers? Care to chime in?

yep, audio input from this usb-cable (xlr-female on other side, plugged into a shure sm57 mic) does work with logic9 and live8.1.5.
i never even knew there were usb-to-xlr cables out there, so was well surprised when i saw one at work, took it home, then tried to use it with renoise (osx) only to see it not be recognized…even those little vu-meters in the System Prefs -> Sound ->Input work and show audio when i tap the mic.

PC Renoise recognizes this cable.
OSX Renoise doesnt.

developers, can OSX Renoise be made to recognize this, if Win32 Renoise already does?

Renoise unfortunately does not support Mono recording device on OSX at the moment. this CMedia thing is mono only, isn’t it?

I’m in IRC with this guy, it works in Renoise on Windows…

yeah works on pc, but not on osx. i hope renoise will one day support mono recording devices on osx :)

As I mentioned in this other similar thread recently: Problem With Apogee One

… If you have another mono input device to use as a kind of dummy signal, then you should be able to combine both mono signals together and create an aggregate device in OSX, which will then be possible to use in Renoise. Bit of a hack, but maybe it’s enough to tide you over until things are improved.

Yep The C-Media USB Audio Device is mono only. D’you think it can eventually be supported with OSX Renoise? :)