OSX: Renoise scans xml and gfx files within bluecataudio plugins?

On OSX. Have lots of xml and gfx files cached database. Seems to be from bluecataudio plugins.

Used to happen in older versions of Renoise, should not happen in Renoise 3. See https://forum.renoise.com/t/fixed-r3-osx-blue-cat-audio-vsts-appearing-too-many-times-in-dsp-fx/39564

Could you give us a few more details please?

Hey Taktik, Maybe then it comes from my imported 2.8 config? My config is very old since I customized the plugin tree and all structure is lost, if I delete the cached plugins data.

One way to reproduce: save a preset to the default path of the plugin, which is usually /lib/audio/plugin/MacOSX (the binary path). If placed on this location, I can see in the status bar, that Renoise now tries to load this fxp on next plugin scan. It usually takes a long time, so there is enough time to see it in the status.

If those items are not showing up in the plugin browser as plugins everything’s alright. The status bar texts can be a bit misleading here…