[???] OSX: Sir StandardCLIP VST offline rendering crash


sir audio tools standardclip crashes Renoise 3.1 while offline rendering with hq settings. No idea if this is a problem of the plugin or Renoise. I guess it’s the problem of the plugin. The plugin thread crashes, not a renoise thread. But since it uses an algorithm that only works offline on hq mode (quite uncommon to me), I wanted to report this here.

I also reported this to sir audio tools.


OSX 10.9.4, Renoise 3.1 64bit, VST plugin version

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download and install vst version demo: http://www.siraudiotools.com/StandardCLIP.php

  2. Put on master on some song project, set to advanced mode, and set offline rendering to x256

  3. Now render with offline / default quality

  4. Either it crashes already on start (crashed thread is standard clip) or after rendering, the plugin doesn’t switch back to online mode and renoise crashes on next actions.

Can’t make that crash here when following your description. Can you always replicate this?
Do you got some feedback from the plugin developer?

I got feedback, he wanted to check this. It doesn’t seem to crash in every project, but I made a example that seems to crash at least at the third rendering. GUI of the plugin stays opened while rendering:

Attachment 6235 not found.

Also either the offline mode doesn’t seem to be activated at anytime, or the online mode isn’t reactivated after render. Then a midi panic will re-enable it. Plugin options are “can multicore” and “auto disable” activated (I guess default).

EDIT: You will need the freeware synth dexed:


Ah, and the kind of crash can be different on each try:

Sometimes it’s the “Ooough!”-dialogue, plugins crashed, do not use etc… Or Renoise just freezes. Or just quits to desktop.

Doesn’t seem to happen on Windows 10,core2duo e8500, Renoise 3.01b4 64bit