OSX to Linux xrns conversion

i saved my xrns files on OS X (Mountain Lion 10.8.2 64 bits), then opened them on my laptop running Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bits) and i’ve noticed some of my routing is either reset to default values or not working anymore.
could this be related to the bit conversion? btw, im only using samples and native renoise DSPs so it shouldn’t be
a plugin compatibility problem.
im a bit lost here…

you probably have routed some signals to audio device sources; changing computer (and then changing audio devices) this leads to problems

well it was mainly velocity trackers, lfos, hydras and multiband sends, so i doubt it’s related to any audio device changes. or is it?

for example: the lfo quick presets (1,2,3 etc…) are now greyed out and reset.
or multiband send to send track 02 doesn’t work anymore

That shouldn’t happen. All .xrns should work the same on all platforms as long as they use only native components. I have opened up files between OSX/Windows and Windows/Linux and never come across these. Not knowingly gone from OSX to Linux but that’s the only one…

Do they still open correctly on an OSX install?

It would be great if you could post the file with problems, it would be the easiest way for others to help.

i don’t have access to my mac at the moment as im abroad with my linux laptop.
will post a stripped down version of the file asap.