Osx: Viewbuilder + Sample_Recorder Served First, Not Scriptingterminal

really annoying for cmd-tabbing… If you have a GUI open or a sample_recorder open… Or both (!) … AND you are using the scripting terminal & editor… When you have the terminal&editor as the topmost screen of renoise, you cmd-tab to a browser to read a code snippet or (wow!) some lua tutorials, cmd-tab back to renoise… what do you get? you get the guis & sample_recorder dialog windows, instead of the scripting terminal&editor.
this has annoyed me for so long… i was going to write a bugreport about this a few days ago but didn’t realize it was based on having a sampleRecorder or a lua script gui open at the same time as scriptingterminal.

please, pretty please… please tell me there’s something that can be done about this that doesn’t involve instructing the user to have sample_recorder + lua guis closed while editing lua scripting which use lua guis and sample_recorder, while consulting advice for such…

You know, I’m fairly sure I did try to post this into bugs…ohwell