OSX Yosemite : Valhalla plugin windows keep open after closing

I’ve got a screenshot here… Here’s what I do:

  1. Launch Renoise

  2. Load ValhallaShimmer

  3. Load ValhallaRoom

  4. Close the ValhallaShimmer window

  5. Close the ValhallaRoom window

  6. Load ValhallaShimmer #2

  7. Load ValhallaRoom #2

  8. Take screenshot.

5421 Screenshot_01_01_15_15_12.png

How do i stop these gray empty windows, that I can’t close, from happening, please?


Oh, I can confirm that what I am loading are VSTs:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {name=“Global:Track Devices:Load ValhallaRoom”, invoke = function() loadvst(“Audio/Effects/VST/ValhallaRoom”) end}

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {name=“Global:Track Devices:Load ValhallaShimmer”, invoke = function() loadvst(“Audio/Effects/VST/ValhallaShimmer”) end}

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {name=“Global:Track Devices:Load ValhallaFreqEchoMkI”, invoke = function() loadvst(“Audio/Effects/AU/aufx:FqEh:oDin”) end}

The FreqEchoMK1 that is AU has no issues.

Should I completely stop using VSTs, or report this issue to ValhallaDSP?

Definitely report it to Valhalla, although I’m fairly confident that he’s already aware of the problem. It’s quite a common one that is/was affecting a lot of plugins on Yosemite (my own included), and especially with plugins using the JUCE framework. See: http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/yosemite-and-juce-plugins

Also a thread by Valhalla over on KvR: