Other Filter Curves

would it be possible to implement 12db/oct and 6db/oct filters in filter3? now i always have to use several bands of eq10 to for example do a gentle highpass, something that could be done with one filter. i would die for that :)

The possibility to change filter poles would be sweet as well. :)

I think You should read this: http://www.renoise.c…showtopic=24288
And You may use an older version of filter 3… Filter 2 is still available: http://www.renoise.c…showtopic=24204. So copy “secret code” and use ctrl+v on any channel in mixer, or go to browser in dsp section You find all deprecated devices.

Hope it helps a bit :)

Nicely remembered! Cheers :)

thanks guys, interesting post dblue. :)