Our First Official Renoise Track

So, me and my team has been producing music with ableton live, but some time age we’ve started incorporating renoise into our work. Later we discovered that renoise can really by self sufficient, and after making a sketch of a track it turned out that we’re going to finnish it within renoise entirely. So I would like to present you our tune, made with use of some analog stuff(dark energy, moog mf-107). Before making that track I’ve never expected that our lil tracker can make a heavy electro banger, it always appealed to making minimal, idm, breakcore stuff, but surely it can handle more distort-oriented stuff. Enjoy!
Hopefully it will hit big fish records soon…

Thanks for listening!

Finally someone here making music that indeed sounds danceable and halfway commercial. B) About time. :) IMO the overall sound suffers a bit from using some of the native DSPs (like the compressor and the mpReverb) and sounds a bit dull. But sound is a matter of personal taste anyway. I really like your approach and style. So, good job! Keep 'em coming! :yeah:


sounds sick! good job man

sounds really good.
how are you doing the ducking synth?

Really great work. Nice job.

wish I could learn some of your tricks there.

Ahh, great stuff. I’ve been trying to make tracks like this myself but I can’t seem to pull it off. Four to the floor and repetitive riffs; it should be simple, but it is very, very hard.

You mean sidechain compression? I put signal follower on my bassdrum track, gainer on synth tracks. Signal follower’s min value is set to 0 db while maximum value to -inf. Than it’s a matter of cranking sensitivity to your taste. If you asking about the sound… Well it is electribe emx routed through mf-107(analog modulator), sampled and than routed through some sends separately on it’s lows, mids and highs.


nice stuff !

What a banger track!