Our First Renoise On Linux Song

I don’t post very often our music here, but since this is our first complete Renoise on Linux song, i tought it was a good idea



The song sounds good on windows too, though the vocal rap is too much stuffed to the background. The vowels are noticeable but the consonants hardly.

Thanks for your reply Vv
I do agree there is still a problem with the voice
I’ll have to search how to makes this better.


Could you have a relisten please, I think this is way better



I’m not familiar with your style in general, but this song sounds quite dry to me. Some reverb on the strings and especially on the backing vocals will give it some more depth.

Quite like this - an original tune, and even though my GCSE French fails me miserably, I would agree the vocals could do with some more ‘filling out’ :)

Loving the melody though. I think the rather dry sound actually quite suits it - perhaps a bit more on the kick would help it a bit too

Thanks for your reviews !
It is true that, in general, i don’t use a lot of reverb
Have to try with some more here…