Out Of Memory/crash With Jouls Organize Instruments Tool

Windows Vista 32, Latest Beta, From the log:

I’m pimping an old song, which originally had all instruments filled in the instrument list (FE & FF visible in list), I run the ‘Delete unused instruments’ option, then ‘Delete unused samples’ option in the right click mouse menu, to remove redundant spots, make room for new samples…then tried Joule’s ‘Organize instruments by…’ tool, using the ‘~Remove empty slots’ setting…

after clicking away some pop-ups about the script taking too long blah, I get an out of memory notice, then Renoise crashes.

so I’ve manually deleted empty slots in the list, but encounter something strange that I haven’t been able to replicate (yet). Certain instruments sound different in the pattern, looping sounds seem to lose their volume envelope settings, causing them keep on running. Not sure, if it is because of losing instrument envelopes, or that something fishy is going on with note-offs disappearing?

Those “FF” instruments can indeed be the source of many problems. All we can do is avoiding that they will be created and we already did so.
If you can’t get them removed manually, then please send the song to us so that we can fix them for you in this song.

so you think the first crash, using Joule’s tool, has something to do with FE & FF in the list? I’ve already deleted them manually and every other empty slot, plus saved the song so can’t revert to the initial version that crashed when running the sorting script. Might be a memory thing, will check this on other projects that don’t have a completely full instrument list.