Out of Memory & Plugins

argh, I got a sudden crash right after pressing the save button.

all I can see in the log is:

Application: Successfully loaded 'forza12345.xrns'.  
Application: Saving 'forza12345.xrns'...  
VstPlugs: Caught exception in VSTPlug::Dispatch  

EastWest PLAY is a bit unstable in Renoise, causing non-fatal errors every now ant then, but this hurts


Renoise can not shut immediately down the system, no application can, so its quite likely that either a buggy driver did this (must even have nothing to do with audio) or this was caused by a hardware malfunction. Sorry, theres not much we can do here…

Sorry, also nothing we can do here. Its the plugin that crashes (“Caught exception in VSTPlug::Dispatch” means simply that the plug crashed). Even if this crash in the plug is somehow caused by Renoise we can not find out why/how/when. You could aks the plugin devs if they have some sort of logging, which might give us/them some more hints.

Also, this is the song that needs the \3GB switch, isn’t it? Probably you’ve now even managed to reach the \3GB limit and the plugin crashes because it gets no more memory while saving?

I don’t think it’s a memory problem, as I could not reproduce it once I made the lost modifications again.

I actually managed to reach the 3GB limit 2 days ago, but Renoise this time reacted quite better by saving the song with a warning: the result was the song saved with all the VST instances loaded, but one of them was missing the patch loaded, so the only thing I had to do was to get an older version of the song, load it, save the patch and load it in the failed song. I have then decided not to load the two instrument articulations which lead to 3GB because I can easily continue without.

Out of memory situations will always behave a bit different. Sometimes they are cleanly handled, sometimes not - depending on where exactly the allocation failed and how good the sourrounding code - if at all - handles this fault. This is true for Renoise and of course also for plugins. You should try to free up some memory in that song or you will sooner or later run into troubles again…

Or if Renoise predicts a possible failure, save under a different name right away, then remove the old file and rename the temp-save. This latter prevents forcing user interaction. If shit happens, then you can always pop up a dialogue like:Hey shit happened, but because i expected this to happen in the background, your song got saved under a different name. It may still work, but if it does not, you still have your old copy.

Its not possible to estimate the amount of RAM that is needed for saving files. We could probably guess our memory usage, but never those of the plugins.

Still, we could do something like showing a “Memory is getting low” warning, that is shown as soon as you only have something like 50 or 100 MB free. Right now you only notice this when its already too late, so this could be helpful to avoid trouble.


I’ve got no experience with east west play, but don’t these rompler plugins stream their sounds from HD (like you can in kontakt)? Apparently not if you’re runing out of ram in Renoise. Would it make a difference (other than specific east west dsp processing / multi-layering) if you loaded some large sounds directly in Renoise instead?

they do stream samples, yet they still pre-load a part of the samples into memory to avoid that HDD slowness prevents flawless audio output.

if you for example load an entire strings section, with the diverse articulations (staccato, spiccato, martelée, and so on), the performance (legato, sustain) and the round robin repetitors, this can be huge as well.

don’t forget that these samples are at least 16 bits, stereo, 44khz.