Out Of Memory Problems On Windows

Hi everyone,

I have encountered a problem that is quite puzzling to me. I’m at a point in a song where I start getting error messages like this one:

“Document validation failed with the error:
Failed to parse the XML document (Out of Memory! Please try to free up some
memory and try again)!”

Immediately followed by this one:

“Failed to validate the document ‘The name of my project’
It’s recommended that you try saving the document again under a new name”

I have as much RAM in my setup as windows XP can handle (even more), which apparently is 3.400.000 KB. Task manager is telling me that Renoise is using around 1.100.000 - 1.200.000 when I start running into problems. In task manager under the performance tab I have more than 1.500.000 KB still available, so I can’t understand what is causing this. I also fail to initialize certain VSTI’s at this point.

I have tried tweaking virtual memory after getting a tip from a friend. Right click My Computer > Advanced tab > Performance Settings > Advanced tab > Virtual Memory tab. There I increased the C: “Initial size” to equal “Maximum size”, which is 4092 MB, but this did not help. Actually, after this I even started getting low memory messages when loading certain VSTI’s while opening the .xrns.

If anyone know how to fix this I would be greatly appreciative, it’s driving me nuts and really holding me back.


Thanks for your reply.

I realize now that it’s because of sample based VSTI’s that I was running into mem issues. At first I was scratching my head because the .xrns is only 3 MB… It really is a shame that we have this limitation. I want to be productive, not worry about whether or not I can load any more into the song, which is occuring at a way too early stage in a project.

Windows 64 bit would be a solution, yes, but is not exactly compatible with todays software.