Out-of-range DSP commands...?

Just wondering, in the demo songs there are some DSP commands that point to out-of-range/inexisting parameters in the corresponding DSP… for example if you look at Dblue’s (excellent) song “Synthetic sugar”, in the channel labeled “arps” at the top of most patterns, there’s commands that set parameter #8 of two “cutoff” DSP’s - which afaics have 7 controllable parameters. Is this a special case to “reset” DSP’s to their original state, or something like that? Seems to be what’s happening during playback.

Oh sorry for spamming the message boards with questions in the past few days… i’m just falling in love with this program <3 <3 :D :D

TIP: If you set a value of a Pattern Effect Command (eg change it from 4800 to 4801) while watching the Status Bar it will tell you what it’s affecting. In this case LFO Reset (hence why at the top of most patterns.)

The software has intentional blanks in the docs so that we can measure if people actually use it.
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