Out Of Space

::: this is written without knowing so much about the GUI for v1.3 :::

last night i was toying around with the vsti “ReaktorSessionOne”, or “Carbon” as FM calls it. anyway, when i was about to automate the cutoff frequency with the renoise’s Metadevice, i found it nearly “impossible”. this only because renoise has such a tight and narrow GUI. the thing is, advanced vsti’s like Carbon has A LOT of parameters, and this also results in a lot of long parameter-names. so, in the vsti-automate-device i could only see the beginning of each parameter-name, which means that i would had have to test almost every single fader to the find the cutoff-knob.

to make a long story short; i need more horizontal space for text, in the fields where you choose which vsti-parameter you want to control!

(… and also for example in the dsp/vst-list, where vst-names often gets cut off…)

this wouldn’t be too hard to fix, would it?

::: remember, this is written without knowing so much about the planned GUI for v1.3 :::

One way to fix this would be to make it so that when the mouse is over a parameter a tooltip apear.

This has been suggested before by someone else, that it should display long instrument names but this solution could also be used for long parameter names and long tracknames, instead of making the gui bigger…

a box with the full name appears…

i know the super easy way to automate any knob in Reaktor !
Just press right-mouse-button over the selected fader and context window appears - there you need to choose MIDI LEARN there.
After this - go to VSTAutomate Device and move around slider there.
Thats it! We got Reaktor’s fader or knob or anything connected to VSTAudomateDivice.


using MIDICCDevice for such a task is much more indicated.

i think the bottom pannel is always not a good solution for the dsp-section … maybe a “full screen” solution like the pattern-ed with vertical scrolling and the dsp-section vertical - side by side for every track -gives a better usability! B)

It-Alien: Oops! You absolutely right - i just muddle it up. :P
This solution also works great in other VSTi’s which have MIDI LEARN option ! B)

All we need are dropdown boxes! You’re not the only one, this is extremely frustrating.

yes, dropdown boxes would be great :yeah:
in the meantime i’ll check out this midi-option…