Outdated soundcard??


I just read an article on a music forum that without ASIO support, the signal from the keyboard will arrive to the PC a second after touching the note on the keyboard…

Since I have a sound blaster live! card i went to the the www.soundblaster.com page to investigate to see if this card had ASIO support… But I didn’t see it.

Does this mean I’ll have to get a new sound card if I don’t want to end up seeing the effects parameters move a second later when using a midi keyboard on renoise??

Help me out people… these sound cards aint cheap you know



though Creative doesn’t officially support them, someone has created
ASIO drivers for your soundcard:
KX ASIO Drivers

Everyone say they work great.

gettin asio drivers for sblive is no problem, just go to http://kxproject.spb.ru/
however, these drivers are not builed or supported by creative b/c creative gives a flying f**** about it’s customers generally, and about musicians specially.
so there may be problems or missing stuff…

second, i also have a sblive and i run renoise with 20ms latency under directx, and i can even go way lower…


Thanks alot people for all your support :)

I’m gonna check it out :D


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