"outputs & routing" settings panel disappears..


I hope it’s just me being stupid, but I have a problem with the “Outputs & Routing” panel under plug-in preferences. Let’s say that I load a Superior Drummer instance as an instrument/plug-in and set up the routing as I want it. No problems so far. But then I save my song and reload it, and the “Outputs & Routing” panel simply doesn’t show up where it was before reloading. Is this a bug?!

I am running the latest RC (64-bit v3.0.0 RC1, built april 2)

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I doubt it, you have to re-expand it right?
The most important thing is that the routings are saved and reloaded correctly.

It’s not just a question of expanding downwards, if that’s what you mean? The whole section, including the button to drop down the list, is completely missing…

I’m not sure what you mean by saving the routings? I’d assume that they would be saved along with the rest when saving the song? Anyhoo, even if the routings are not saved, it’s not possible to do them again, because of the aforementioned problem…

On what platform are you running Renoise? Linux? also Renoise is already in Final state, i’m not saying the final will resolve the issue, but it does have a few last minute quirks removed experienced during the last RC phase.

It’s for mac. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if it’s been corrected…

Anyways, thanks for replying…

EDIT: I think I actually just stumbled upon a work around (if anyone else is having this problem):

Pick any random instrument and go to the sampler tab. Next, with the same random instrument selected, go to the plugin tab and then select your plugin-based instrument. Voila, the preferences are back! :)