Over the weekend I've made a new tape... plenty renoise in it...

Please check and enjoy… a little nervous…


Nice productions, really digging that instrumental (tr)hiphop vibe.

You really should expand some of these ideas into more than 1-2 minutes :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot man!

Yeah, my junk always end up short… ,)

Lots of great melodies!

My favourite is “DAYSunanswered”! Did you play the piano for yourself or is it a sample?

Good stuff.

Thank you sir! Well 95% of that tape is my own playing the keys and melodies but that specific beat you mentioned is built on a sample and manipulated via Renoise. Your words truly encouraged me - glad you diggin’ that lofi stuff!

I’m currently working on the next tape, and you’ll find a couple of more athttp://qlasbeats.bandcamp.com


Qlas beats