Overbridge vs Renoise

Just wondering if anyone has attempted OB in only renoise? Is this even possible?

I remember something about renoise not being able to handle audio+midi plugins. Just wondering if anyone has some light footprint workarounds. sure i can rewire ableton… but I just want my analog, not the other b/s.

I’m not an OB user, but I’m planning to get some Elektron gear in the next months, and am really excited about OB, so I’m also interested how well it works with Renoise. Hope someone can enlighten us on the subject.

Would love to test it, but the current beta of OB unfortunately doesn’t support the Analog RYTM yet, and that’s the only Elektron gear I have. Definitely curious about the OB experiences of A4/AK owners.

I am proud to be a Keys owner. Decided to tackle this the last little bit… I found a kind of workaround. I actually think this might have some flexibility I wasn’t planning on =).


I would love to see some peoples take on it. PS: This is for the Keys, It would be pretty simple to mod for A4.

Mivo: Yeah, I was kind of expecting it with all the problems they had even trying to show the demo’s for it. The good news is they are working on it and its not actually vaporware.

Kind of resurrecting an old topic here.

Renoise 3.2 template is available @

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as an a4 mk1 owner its entirely possible to use overbridge with just renoise. overbridge support of the a4 really just amounts to having redundant access to the a4 with a resource heavy pseudo vst. form over function def applies.

it does show each tracks oscs and filters and various other important info that normally requires menu dives but if you’re actually using the a4 seriously you would have ran into the need for a midi controller that allows you to actually utilize the a4s features n expressive capabilities. unless you have the analog keys you need an exernal controller to use the mod wheel. Since most serious a4 users will have acquired a controller because the a4 sounds like solid doodoo with just note on and note off data they will have likely mapped most of the tasty stuff to their controller already, overbridge is quite overhyped outside of the os getting to use the device as an audio interface. it does aid in some of the programming of the a4 if you do not have any controller whatsoever, it is still awkward and youre likely missing out on what makes the a4 worth experiencing

heres a pic of the vst’ish interface, you should immediately see why it can work solely with renoise without any issues.