Overload - Analog Dubstep


Sequencing done with Renoise, all sounds and effects are hardware. :)
I only have this camera recording so my apologies in advance for the poor sound quality…

good stuff

Thanks, I’ve recorded another version in better quality: http://www.stalcon.net/works/Shed.mp3 :)

hey, may i ask what hardware was involved?
i like it a lot :)

Sure! :)

Bass - Moog Little Phatty (1)
Lead - Moog Little Phatty (2)
Organ - Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard
Rhythm - Electribe S MK2

Delays - Moog MF-104Z analog delay, Dynacord Echocord Super tape delay (tube-amplified), Korg Kaoss Pad digital effects controller
Reverb - T-Rex Room-Mate (tube amplified)
Phaser - Moog MF-103 analog 12-stage phaser

Allen & Heath ZED14