[overload Of Now] -- A Rock Song I Made.

I made a song.
It’s the first one I’ve made in Renoise that isn’t glitch/noise/techno.
And it’s pretty good. [although kind of short…]

link: http://s_a_2_d.sitesled.com/overload_of_now_null.xrns

Want honest opinion? It’s horrible. :P

But don’t worry, we all have done tracks like this when we started off. Practice makes purrfect. ;)

Tracking metal is actually pretty hard. To sound good you actually need a guitar or good guitar VST, guitar distortion is non-linear. You can’t scale it up like that and have it still sound good. Other option is to get a good guitar sample pack. Where they have recorded all the powerchords, palm mutes, single notes, tremolos etc. There are several available online for free.

Drums. You need better drumkit. There are also plenty drumkits available online. Out of boredom I beefed up your drums a little bit. I did in 6 minutes, so don’t expect anything special: http://sva.ee/overload_of_now_null.xrns

Also some tips. Keep instruments on separate channels. Name the channels and add columns as needed. This makes it easier to apply effects on them and mix better. Guitar on channel “Guitar” bass on channel “Bass”, Kick on channel “Kick”, snare on channel “Snare”, etc.

Thanks for the criticism.

Guitar Sample: It’s from this one .XM song I found ages ago, the song was pretty good, the samples sucked though.
Drumkit: Came with Renoise.

I tried to make the song sound less flat by adding a very small amount of delay, it sounds truly terrible without it.

NOTE: The file you posted with the beefed up drums is a 2.0 file. I have 1.9.1…

You’d love the Slayer plugin VSTi null, hehe :)

Note to self: hardrockguitars and technosnares do not match :)

didn’t listen to it, but i might have it was in mp3 or ogg or something.
For shits and giggles I stalked over to your member profile hoping to find some glitch/noise/techno to listen too, and ended up downloading heavymetal gunner. runs kinda slow on my pc (1.2 celeron, 384ddr, xp sp2) This has potential though and i like how it is inspired by warning forever which is my favorite game. :drummer:

I may upload the .mp3, not sure though. It’s not that good of a song though [read above comments].

PS: Hmm… That’s a pretty fast computer, my [old] test machine is 750Mhz PIII, 512MB ram, running HMG at full 45 fps…